Face to face fundraising can yield big results! But there's an art to it. Here are our top tips for in person sales of your Chinook Book fundraiser.

MAKE A LIST. Have each member of your sales team brainstorm a list of every person they’d like to reach out to for the promotion and every place they’d like to hang a flyer or poster. Give a prize for the first seller to mark off every name or location on their list!

BULK UP.  Make your goal more easily by selling in bulk. Encourage friends and family who are realtors and/or service providers to purchase in bulk to give as thank you gifts to clients or business partners.

SHOW BEFORE YOU TELL. Have a physical example that people can see and “test drive.” For mobile apps or online promotions, have an iPad handy so you can walk them through each screen to explore and purchase.

LEAD WITH THE BENEFIT. Instead of saying why the item is generally great, talk about how the product will specifically make your buyer’s life easier, more delightful or more delicious.


Chinook Book will help you feel good about where you shop, because only local businesses that take care of the environment are included.

GIVE THEM ONE GOOD CHOICE. It can be overwhelming to have so many different things to choose from. Decide what specific item you think your buyer will like most and suggest that to them first. More people will say yes to one easy specific thing that appeals to them than a choice of several things.

GIVE THEM A REASON TO DO IT NOW. Always give your buyer a time-bound incentive to go ahead and fill it out now.


If you go ahead and purchase at least one today, you’ll help me meet my weekly goal so I can receive (REWARD)!


Why don’t we take care of this now and then you don’t have to worry about me pestering you again about it tomorrow?

ASK FOR THE SALE. The most important part of any sale is to simply ASK for a yes. This is easy to overlook and uncomfortable to do the first few times, so practice ASKING. The worst they can say is no, right?

GIVE THANKS. After a purchase is made, be sure to follow up and thank them for their support and contribution. A well-thanked purchaser is also a potential referral source for more sales! Ask them if they would be willing to share about the promotion with their friends and colleagues as well.

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