Fundraiser Best Practices Guide: Want to make sure you've done everything to promote your sale? This step by step guide will help you maximize your in person, email and social media promotion efforts.

Fundraiser FAQ Sheet: This info sheet answers all your pressing questions about how our fundraising program works.

About Mobile Fundraising: Share this quick overview with your team. It explains how to sell subscriptions right through the Chinook Book app.PROMOTION TOOLS FOR FUNDRAISING COORDINATORS

Get your fundraiser launched with style with these easy promotion templates and printable flyers

Launch Backpack Flyer: A perfect one-pager for sending home with kids.

Sample Launch Email to Send to Your Fundraising Team: This will help you launch your mobile fundraiser. 

Sample Launch Email to Send to Your Community: This will help you get the word out about your fundraiser to staff, parents, cross-promotion partners and other community members.


Share these with your fundraising team to use in their emails and social posts supporting the fundraiser

Use this video link in social media and email promotions to quickly illustrate the value of the app.


Use this image of the Print Book on posters and flyers for your fundraiser.

Social Media Post Templates

See how to redeem a Chinook Book coupon here.


“It is a simple fundraiser with healthy, environmentally conscious merchants and no up-front costs.” — Tashina

“Great return; great product; staff makes it so easy for us by providing promo materials.” — Fia

“Even if you end up with only 2-5 people that are truly motivated, you can move quite a few books and apps and make it worth your while.” —Heather 

“The ease of running the fundraiser is what makes it possible for me. There are few other ways I could help our school out with a fundraiser earning this much through just my own efforts.” — Jessica S.

“The books basically sold themselves, people were excited to buy them and we were able to bring in a good amount of profit quickly, which we were able to use for teacher training.”— Jessica J.