Our mobile fundraising platform allows you to sell Chinook Book mobile app subscriptions directly from the Chinook Book app via unique links that can be shared with friends and family via text message, email and social media. 

Why try mobile fundraising?

  • Easy to reach larger groups of buyers with easy one-tap promotions on text, email and social media

  • All payments are handled in app with no need for fundraiser to handle cash, checks or credit cards

  • No tracking of physical inventory (and no worries about damaged books!)

  • Every buyer is invited to help promote your fundraiser to their friends, boosting the impact of each sale

  • Renewals and refills continue to benefit your group as long as your fundraising agreement with Chinook Book remains active

  • Track progress towards your goal with emailed reports


What do you need from me to launch a mobile fundraiser?

Our simple and secure online form will request:

  • Your contact details

  • Bank account routing information for your fundraising account (so we can automatically deposit your funds earned)

This information is handled entirely by Stripe, the nation’s largest and most secure online payment processing system and will not be seen or handled by Chinook Book staff to protect your privacy. You can check out Stripe's Privacy Policy here.

Don’t worry! Our fundraising coordinators can walk you through this step by step. It’s easier than setting up a Paypal account!


How do I share the promotion with my fundraising team?


STEP ONE: Once you have submitted your mobile fundraising registration form, you will receive a special PARTNER ID. Share that PARTNER ID with your fundraising team.

STEP TWO: Each person enters the PARTNER ID on the payment screen when they purchase their own app subscription.

STEP THREE: They can then go to the More... menu, tap the My Promotions tab and press the “Promote” button to share a special link via text message, email or social media with their friends & family.

Each shared link unlocks a 7 day free trial. When the person who taps the link purchases their app subscription, a portion of their subscription fee will be automatically credited to your fundraiser.

PLUS! Each person who purchases using your PARTNER ID or by tapping on your fundraising link will be offered the opportunity to share the fundraiser with their own friends and family, expanding the reach of your fundraiser.  

Can people participate in the fundraiser without receiving a special link from the app?

Yes! You will receive a PARTNER ID code that people can enter when they purchase an app subscription. This will credit your fundraiser for a portion of their purchase. This is ideal to use on your organization’s website, public emails and public social media accounts.

What if they already have a Chinook Book App subscription?

They can renew their subscription and have it benefit your fundraiser in 3 easy steps.

1. Check that they have the latest version of the app installed on their phone

2. Go to the More... menu and tap the Renew/Refill Full Access Tab.

3. Enter your PARTNER ID into the PARTNER ID field and then complete their credit card payment.

Not only will their renewed subscription benefit your fundraiser, it will KEEP benefiting your fundraiser each year as long as your fundraising account remains active with Chinook Book.

What if they don’t have a smartphone?

You can still sell them a copy of the print edition, containing most of the same coupons as the mobile app. 

Can you give a mobile subscription as a gift?

Yes! We have beautiful mobile app gift cards that make perfect hostess and housewarming gifts.



Have more questions? Our Fundraising Coordinators are here to help. Email fundraise@chinookbook.com for additional support.