Need help brainstorming places to hang posters and set up tables to supercharge your fundraiser?

Here's our master list for where to put posters, host tables and make your fundraiser even more visible!


1. Building entrance & exits (on the door is ideal)

2. Staff room bulletin board

3. On the stall doors in the bathroom (Seriously! It's a great captive audience)

4. On the bulletin board at your workplace (and the workplaces of your families and friends)

5. On the bulletin board at the local community center or pool

6. In the window of friendly neighborhood businesses

7. On the break room bulletin boards of friendly neighborhood businesses (sometimes this is an easier ask than window space)

8. At schools in the same neighborhood district as yours

9. On your fridge! Give your guests a reason to ask about your fundraiser


SUPERCHARGE IT: Make sure EVERY flyer prominently displays the deadline, who the fundraiser benefits, and where to call/go to purchase.

10. In the fundraiser toolkits you give your sellers

11. In the HAND of each person you sell to (with a request that they pass it along to a friend)

12. On the windshields of cars picking up and dropping off (with permission from parking lot owner)

13. In kids' backpacks at the end of the day

14. Inserted into take home newsletters

15.  In staff mailboxes at your school or organization

16. In the mailboxes at your parents' workplaces

17. Folded into routine outgoing mail including notices, reminders, invoices and payments to local vendors and community partners

18. Clipped to the outside of your neighbors' mailboxes (not IN mailboxes- that's a no no)


SUPERCHARGE IT! Create a sign up sheet for table shifts in high traffic areas and encourage your selling team to volunteer for staffing shifts.
Give them credit for all sales made at the table towards their individual goal.

19. At the main entrance of the building in the morning before the day starts

20. At the main exits at the end of the day

21. In front of grocery stores (with permission)

22. At street fairs and neighborhood festivals

23. At the farmer's market

24. In front of the movie theater (with permission)

25. At community sports matches (including Little League and recreational teams)

26. At recitals, concerts and community performances

27. At happy hour at a popular watering hole (adults only, of course)

28. In the lobby of busy office buildings at the end of the workday (with permission from building owners)

29. In the lunchroom at large employers (ask your selling team if they have an IN at a nearby major employer)

Ready to SUPERCHARGE your Fall Fundraiser?