Supercharge Your Fundraiser Guide: Want to make sure you've done everything to promote your sale? This step by step guide will help you maximize your in person, email and social media promotion efforts.

Mobile Fundraiser FAQ Sheet: This info sheet answers all your pressing questions about how the mobile fundraising program works.

Product & Sales Tracking Sheet: A handy place to keep track of the products you've distributed and payment you've collected.

How to Set Up Square: Set up Square on your mobile device to accept payments via credit card.


Get your fundraiser launched with style with these easy promotion templates and printable flyers

Mobile Promoter FAQ. Share this flyer with every team member who plans to sell subscriptions through their phone. It explains the benefits of subscription and shows them how to promote the fundraiser from the app.

Launch Backpack Flyer Print + Mobile: A perfect one-pager for sending home with kids. This version is for people launching both a print edition fundraiser and a mobile fundraiser.

Launch Backpack Flyer Print Only: This version is designed for fundraisers that will NOT include the mobile fundraising option.

About Fundraising with Chinook Book: Please share this flyer with other people in your community interested in fundraising with Chinook Book.

Sample Launch Email to Send to Your Fundraising Team: This will help you launch your mobile fundraiser. 

Sample Launch Email to Send to Your Community: This will help you get the word out about your fundraiser to staff, parents, cross-promotion partners and other community members.

What's in the app?: A one-page overview of all the features packed into the Chinook Book app!


Share these with your fundraising team to use in their emails and social posts supporting the fundraiser

Book + App Image to use in Emails and on Social Media

Support our Fundraiser Image for Emails and Social Media

Support our Fundraiser Image for Instagram

Social Media Post Templates

See how to redeem a Chinook Book coupon here.


"These books really do sell themselves. Thank you for the amazing fundraiser for our little school!" 
~Dandelion Nursery School

"We used the incentives from the wrap-up as prizes for most books sold and raffled off the remainder, using the number of books each family sold as the number of tickets they had entered. It was a really fun way to give back your give backs!" 

"I love how everything is even more stream-lined and efficient this year!"
~Kiddie Kampus

"Thanks Katie, You've definitely made it easier to sell the coupons."
~Children's Community Center

"Chinook Book has been an awesome fundraiser for us and we appreciate all your help."
~El Cerrito High School

"We are looking forward to next year's fundraising event in collaboration with Chinook Book."
~Rockridge Montessori School

"I didn't know how awesome the staff was before beginning the sale but I know now!"
~Kaiser Elementary